Throughout the Bible the concept and commandments regarding “first fruits” speak of priorities. That which is brought to God as first fruit is considered holy unto Him. It is right to remember Him first. Christ, Himself, is spoken of as the first fruits of those that slept. He is the first of the resurrection, making a way for you and I to do the same. First is important and often essential.


End of the year giving is important. Most ministries place the emphasis there. I was considering an end of the year offering at PCF for this year when I heard the Holy Spirit say, “Bring the offering at the beginning of 2022 in the first gathering.” We are having a First Fruits Offering that will help us stay in step with Him as we begin this new year.


We do not know how the Lord will lead in the coming year but we want to be ready. God knows the opportunities and the open doors. He knows the challenges and the changes that can occur. I am not looking for the problems but for the promise. We do not need a "rainy day" fund, but we should have a latter rain storehouse. We want to be ready, not worried. Giving and sowing will help us be prepared.


The offering will be set aside to obey the Holy Spirit in three areas.

Storehouse Funds

Malachi tells us to bring the tithes and offerings so that the storehouse may be full. There is a great promise attached to this commandment. It is here that God promises to open the windows of Heaven and pour out blessing so great that it cannot be contained.

In recent years we have found that our storehouse is often sparse if not empty. I am confident that the Lord wants that changed. The First Fruits offering is a beginning to that change. As we do this, I am also confident we will see great blessings, provision, and miracles flow through the open windows of Heaven as He promised.

Project Forward

We want to be further prepared to move forward on our Vestal Rd. property as God makes a way. We will give and pray by faith, knowing He wants us to progress.

Koinonia Missions

With whom does God want us partnering this year? He has faithful servants in many places that we can come alongside to assist. What missionary will be able to feel the load lift some as we sow into the field of souls where they labor? Is there a church we can help build for saints somewhere in the world? Will people around the world read A Voice in the Wilderness for the first time? Can we send a blessing to local ministries, hurting widows, and forgotten retired pastors? We have ongoing giving to Haiti and Cuba. There are many American pastors and ministries we bless throughout the year. That will continue as well.


Come ready to give your offering this Sunday, January 2, 2022. If you cannot give Sunday then come ready to make a pledge that you can honor early in the year. It is important that we take this faith step together.


The goal is $20,000. We are well on our way in gifts and commitments.


This is an open door. Let’s go through together bringing the first fruits representing all that He has done and promises to do in the days ahead.


Pastor Jerry