June 10, 2022 | Note from Pastor Jerry

I wanted to give a brief update on my progress and prognosis following surgery on May 13. The surgery followed the chemo and radiation treatments as well as a surgical biopsy that revealed cancer remained in the area where the tumor had been.

It was a lengthy and difficult surgery. The surgeon was initially very pleased and was able to proceed with what he considered the best-case scenario that would leave me with a temporary ileostomy. He was confident that a reconnection could be made in a few months. The following day, however, he returned to tell us that pathology had determined there was cancer remaining in at least the margins of the surgery. The surgeon wanted to go back in right away and perform that which would not have been the best result the first time.

I declined while in the hospital and he agreed to wait until the next window of opportunity. I have a meeting with him on Monday (June 13) for an update.

I am asking for prayer for wisdom and grace to make the right decision. Jesus knows all and He is faithful. I thank you for all the prayer you have already offered on my behalf. I felt Him taking me through this surgery and recovery. I am gaining strength daily.


Be blessed and encouraged.


Jerry Keller