Jerry Keller – December 4, 2020

The powers of Hell have locked arms like never before. They are taunting the childlike, trusting, followers of Jesus by saying “you will not come through our lines”. They want us to know they have this thing locked down. They are arrogant in believing the evidence of corruption will not be exposed, much less accessed and assessed. Just like we experienced in the childhood game they taunt with impunity, “Red Rover, Red Rover, send your best on over”. They have locked arms. The news media, high tech companies, politicians, the entertainment industry, the death culture, and those who work behind the scenes to finance and manipulate the policies of hell are arm in arm.

Who, today, will take the challenge, not with carnal weapons or tactics, but with that which is mighty toward the pulling down of “strongholds”? Who will break through the line allowing Light and Truth to flood through into darkened spaces? It will take those who say in their heart and spirit, “I am going through”! This is the day to respond with the spirit in which David swirled his sling.

Allow the spirit of power to prevail as you run toward the line. Demonic bodies will fall. Their grip will fail. The line will not hold. The gates of hell will not prevail.

We are coming over, today!