Friday, August 26, 2022 | Announcement

Dear Church,


Joshua Mahlan Jr. is going to follow the Lord in Baptism this Sunday!

After dismissal, we will head over to the property on Vestal Road where Joshua will be baptized.

If you have believed on Jesus but have not yet been baptized, this Sunday would be a great time to take that step. When you get baptized you are saying:

  • I have repented of my sins.

  • I believe in God and I am trusting Jesus Christ for my salvation.

  • My old self is dead and buried.

  • I am raised to new life (born again) through faith.

  • My sins have been washed away.

  • I am a part of the family of God.

  • I receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Just let myself or Pastor Jerry know and we will be ready.

Thank you!


Note: Please park in the field and do not drive farther than the treeline on the property. A truck or golf cart will be onsite to take anyone down to the creek who would like a ride.