Preparing for a Zoom Waiting | Pastor Jerry

Waiting upon God should be our continual mindset and our lifestyle. There are also specific times and occasions when the Lord desires some part of His Body to gather together to wait before Him. He desires to speak through His Kingdom structure and government to build and further prepare His Bride for His return and for the assignments laid upon the church prior to that Day. This is one such time. We gather together Saturday evening, October 22, beginning at 7 (EST) in local groups and as individuals connected via a Zoom waiting.

We come according to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

  • He must give guidance for the time and place.
  • We must have His guidance as we wait. It is for His Word that we wait.

We come prepared for the time of waiting.

  • With our hearts prepared in prayer
  • With our soul and spirit centered in Christ
  • With our gifts, callings, and talents prepared and submitted for use

We sanctify or set apart the time of waiting.

  • It is best not to try to share the time with other interests.
  • If you are not in a group, join the Zoom session in a quiet location.
  • Be prepared to join on time and stay for the duration.

We actively engage in the waiting.

  • Let your agreement be heard in the group.
  • If on zoom, be visible and engaged with your hands and countenance.
  • Guidance and input can be submitted in the Zoom chat or sent via text through the Waiting message line which will be published throughout the meeting.

Scripture Passages about Waiting – click here