A Tribute - [Pastor Jerry Keller]

Much of what I value and emphasize in ministry I learned from the late Dr. Loran W. Helm. As a child, I was privileged to have some awareness of his life and ministry but the impartation I received from Him began late in my college years. For twenty five years I was blessed to consider myself under his ministry and spiritual covering. He was my spiritual father and more. I am greatly indebted to the Lord for so much, beginning with His own saving and redeeming life, but among the countless other blessings, I consider my connection with Rev. Helm to be one of the most sacred and significant. 

Through the years contact came through many different ways. Each seemed to be part of a divinely orchestrated plan to feed the sheep who were part of the flock connected to this rare, sent Servant of God. There were many highly anointed meetings he referred to as “Waiting upon God” where the Holy Spirit was free to lead and the spiritual food was rich beyond my ability to describe. There were many domestic and international trips. Rev. Helm imparted to me a love for the nation and people of Israel. He traveled there many times under the direction of the Holy Spirit. I was privileged to be with him on several pilgrimages. Newsletters filled with anointed teaching and review were a steady part of his ministry. His autobiography was a source of strength and encouragement to many in several cultures and languages. There was a network, a community of trained saints who lovingly touched lives in similar fashion as Rev. Helm. I was touched deeply on countless occasions. It was all part of a Kingdom classroom for which I will be eternally grateful. 

Rev. Helm was a man who walked with God in the simplicity of childlike trust. He had a calling and an assignment upon His life that he received at a young age. He ran the race well and was a faithful man. I witnessed thousands of people receive life changing impartation through his gentle ministry. There is much that could be said about his life and ministry but I will choose to focus upon one thing. He was a man of love. I have known of no other person who loved like this man. I was blessed to be touched by that love many times. Many were.

I deliberately consider my connection with him as I trust to fulfill the calling upon my own life. The twenty five years I spent with him as my mentor were not by accident and they certainly were no mistake. My life is framed by the belief that Rev. Helm articulated with the phrase, “that which God begins never ends”. Jesus saved me and sent Rev. Helm to find me as I wandered in the wilderness of religious activity and self assertion. His was a voice that called out into that wilderness and gently pointed me to the Cross and to my cross that I must assume daily in order to follow Him. He showed me how it is possible to love and praise God continually. He took me to the very core of the gospel of the Kingdom. I desire to do the same for others.

You can read about his walk of faith in his autobiography, A Voice in the Wilderness. You may obtain a copy through this website. I would encourage you to do so. It just may make all the difference on your spiritual journey.

You can order a copy of A Voice in the Wilderness here, 

at the Evangel Voice Missions website.