Standing with Dale & Janie Mayo

UPDATE — March 21, 2024

Dear Friends,

Janie is finishing up her second full week at the Utopia Cancer Center in Tampa, FL. To say they are pleased with the experience so far would be an understatement. The facility uses state of the art treatments, therapies, diets, testing, and equipment to restore the body to it’s ultimate resistance capacity. The whole person is addressed along with the medical technology. 

We must add prayer and faith with them on this journey. They are walking in faith and light, even while there. Janie is looking for every Divine appointment as she is surrounded by loving and caring staff along with patients who are suffering. God is working. 

Thank you for giving and believing. So far, you have given enough to cover about six weeks of treatment which may last as long as eight weeks. The love and support that has poured in is truly amazing. Your giving and praying is making a profound difference.

Jerry Keller

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UPDATE — February 14, 2024

Dear Friends,

The response to help Janie get to the cancer treatment center in Tampa has been very encouraging. So far, nearly half of what is needed has already been given with several more expressing their desire and intention to give. Dale and Janie are humbled and encouraged.

Every gift, no matter the amount, is making a difference. I am reminded of the Lord’s promise recorded in Matthew 18. “If two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father which is in heaven.” We can touch this need together, by faith, knowing that God will hear prayer. I am also reminded of that beautiful story we know so well. A man had four friends who were willing to carry him to Jesus. They went to extraordinary lengths to do so. They carried him, lifted him, worked for him, and gently placed him before Jesus. He was healed. We want to do that for Janie. We need faith along with works for life.

You can give at the link here or feel free to place your gift directly in their hands with love and care.

Most importantly, pray. Keep her before Jesus. Thank you.

Jerry Keller

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February 1, 2024

In December of 2021 Janie was diagnosed with a form of ovarian cancer. Initially, the doctors thought it was in the form of a cyst on her left ovary. The surgery revealed it was more serious and so they proceeded with a complete hysterectomy. Cancer was present in some lymph nodes at that time.


From January through May of 2022 Janie had six rounds of chemo. Lab results, followed by a PET scan in April 2023, revealed the presence of cancer again. In May, 6 of 13 lymph nodes were cancerous. At this point, the oncologist wanted to treat her with more chemo. After much prayer and fasting, Janie declined and decided to continue her research and new life routines focused on diet, supplements, and other natural wellness options. The doctor was agreeable.


In a follow-up exam in December 2023, the surgeon detected a mass on Janie’s left side. A CAT scan revealed a mass along with a few lesions on her liver and some areas of concern in the pelvic area.


The recommendation, again, is for more chemo. The oncologist said that there is no hope for a cure. With no treatment they think she might have a year of life. More chemo does not necessarily add to that time and we know for certain it will diminish the quality of time. Dale and Janie are facing that realistically; with courage and clarity.


There is always hope. There is Jesus. We turn to Him regardless of what other medical or alternative treatment might seem best.


Janie remains proactive about her health care. She has read and researched concerning treatments that have proven successful for those fighting cancer. She has interviewed various doctors and treatment centers to find out what is available. There are options. They are personally expensive, insurance only covering conventional medical treatment.


When Dale and Janie told Susan and me about a particular center in Tampa, FL, we knew we wanted to help. I asked them if they would allow me to speak on their behalf to challenge and encourage those who love and believe in them to stand with us in helping them cross this mountain. The Lord assured me that He would help and bless.


I can tell you from personal experience that cancer is a thief. It comes into your world and begins taking from every room. Chemo and radiation only contribute to that process. Surgery often takes the good with the bad. I pray no one has to endure this but if you have, you understand. Ultimately, it wants to take your life and take your life from those who love you.


Since our recent conversation with Dale and Janie, they have increased their confidence in the treatment center in Tampa. We can stand with them in this life choice through prayer and support. The treatment lasts 6-8 weeks at an average of around $5000/week. There will be housing, travel and living expenses in addition to the treatment center costs.


I am asking you to pray about joining with us to sponsor a portion of this treatment. Plainfield Christ Fellowship is sponsoring a week. Susan and I will do more personally. I know there are some individuals or ministries who can also sponsor a week. Many others can sponsor a day for $1000.


Consider these simple equations. Ten sponsors at $500 takes care of a week. One hundred people, including children, giving $50 will cover one week. We are well on our way. They will not have to bear the weight of this treatment alone.


Those who know Janie recognize that she has lived a life of faithfulness and excellence. She has been a loving wife and companion to Dale for 42 years. Janie raised two boys who love her deeply. She is an exceptional “Nonna” to seven grandchildren. Janie has always carried herself with kindness and compassion. That is who she is.

I have been privileged to be Janie’s pastor for over 25 years including working with her as support staff in ministry. Never has there been a contrary moment. This is largely due to her life of prayer. She has prayed it forward for many. This is a great time for family, friends, church, and ministries to arise, pray, and give back.


Dale has been a lifter of the load for decades. Emblematic of that was a scene that took place on the top of Mount Chacha in Haiti. Even though I did not make it all the way to the 3600 ft summit with Dale on that 100+ degree day, I went part way with the Haitians and missionaries who went to erect a 16ft cross. It was a four hour hike on trails passable only by donkeys and humans. At the top the cross beams were bolted together and the cross lifted upright. What happened next was unplanned by leaders or workers. Dale stepped forward, embraced the cross in a one man bear hug and carried it to its resting place. When he dropped it in it was plumb. No adjustment needed. The cross can be seen from mountain top to mountain top and will until the day Christ returns.


It is time to get our arms around them in the Name of Jesus. I know you will. It is time to step forward. I bless you in advance.


Jerry D. Keller

Plainfield Christ Fellowship

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