Note from Pastor Jerry | September 19, 2023

Many of you have been praying for Rees Litchfield. Today is his 13th birthday. Here is the most recent update from Jacob (Rees’ father):

Rees’ oxygen has gotten too low tonight even with supplemental oxygen. They say that while he sleeps his muscles are relaxed so the mass is compressing his airway more than in the daytime. He also seems to have more fluid in his chest cavity. They do not have capabilities in his room for stronger oxygen flow so they have moved him to the ICU where they can give him stronger oxygen (positive flow?) at night. He will likely be here until they can shrink the mass further. His oxygen was 92-93 with supplemental oxygen. It dipped to at least 88 when he went to the bathroom. Tomorrow/Tuesday (his 13th birthday) we are hoping to have the results for the sub-type of the lymphoma so he can start chemo right away. He also has had vomiting tonight for the first time. Thank you for continuing to pray!

Thank you for joining us in sending finance to the family. We are sending $4,000 today. You can continue to give for the Litchfield family here on the Plainfield Christ Fellowship’s website. Click here. You can also give directly to the missions organization. We're including their recent note below.

Thank you for praying and believing.

Pastor Jerry


From Evangelistic Faith Missions:

We are so thankful for the outpouring of prayers and love all of you have shown to the Litchfield family—and especially Rees—over the last several days. 

Many of you have asked how you can help support them financially during this time, and we appreciate that. 

The entire family has relocated to Bangkok for the next few months to be close to Rees during treatment. Jacob found a place to stay that is only 10 minutes from the hospital. The rent for this 3-bedroom house is $2600/month. Staying at a house will enable them to make their own meals, but because they are in a city, everything will be more expensive than it would be in the village market.  

We are so grateful to each of you who have asked about helping them with these needs. EFM is committed to caring for our missionaries and we will be assisting with expenses not covered by medical insurance. Your desire to help with that means so much. 

If you would like to help financially, please mark your gift “Litchfield Medical Support” and mail it to:  

Evangelistic Faith Missions

1502 I St STE 100

Bedford, IN 47421

or give online here:

As with all EFM donations, 100% of all donations that come in will be used as designated.  

Thank you again for your outpouring of love, support, and prayers for the Litchfield family. Your prayers are carrying them right now.